Athena Phohtography, owner and photographer, Zuliet


My name is Zuliet, I call Chattanooga, Tennessee home. I am a boxer mom,  a nature lover, a beach bum, but also I am photographer. I am an artist who loves to create, and photography has let me do just that–paint my subject with light. My style of photography has developed through the years into something I can call my own, simply because I don’t follow a list of poses or prompts I just do what it feels right in that very moment. I want to tell your story, I want you to show me the love you have for your partner, I want you to kiss them where your lips may land, I want you to hold them tight like today would be the last day you would ever see them. Show me all the kisses all the emotions all the tears, that’s what I’m here for to capture you, your love, your rawness your most vulnerable moments. I am a storyteller and a light chaser.

I believe in God, and my family plays an important role in my life. The ocean is my happy place. I have traveled to many different islands around the world, and I love the feel of sandy toes and salty hair. I believe all God’s creatures are sacred, but dogs have a special place in my heart. My photography is named after my white boxer Athena, who sometimes thinks is human. She’s extremely intelligent and very spoiled. Each wedding is unique in its own magical way, each one looks different, and have a different appeal at the time it reaches the post processing stage. I have spent the last few years of my photography career developing and mastering my craft so I can document the uniqueness of your day. At the end of the day when your flowers have wilted and your dress is dirty, the one thing you’ll have left will be the memories that will last a lifetime and beyond. Let’s work together to make your dream come true! 

“Zuliet was very patient and took the time to capture the little moments we often miss during a wedding. She works with you a guides you and the end results are fantastic.” – DEXTER