Kelsey and Michael romantic rooftop engagement session

Kelsey and Michael are the perfect example of a power couple. Recently, they decided to drive three hours from their hometown to downtown Chattanooga for their engagement photoshoot. These two were clearly head-over-heels for each other as they laughed and smiled throughout the entire shoot. They brought their own style into the shoot by wearing offsetting colors and even matching shoes.

The shoot started by grabbing some pizza and a couple of cokes. (you can’t beat classic pizza and coke!). We then moved to one of the most iconic places in Chattanooga—the hidden rooftop at the Choochoo parking garage. Kelsey and Michael shared multiple romantic moments while surrounded by the beautiful view of downtown Chattanooga. Kelsey and Michael were not afraid to show off their fun side during this engagement shoot. From cracking jokes with each other, to doing some silly poses, these two always kept things lighthearted which made shooting them even more enjoyable! We could tell that these two were truly meant for each other when we saw how much love radiated between them through every photo taken.

Kelsey and Michael’s engagement shoot was nothing short of perfection. From their matching shoes on up, these two showed us what true love looks like when you let yourself be free and have fun with your partner. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own engagement session, Kelsey and Michael are a great example of how laughter and love truly do make the best photos! The takeaway here is that when it comes down to it, all that matters is that you share special moments with your significant other no matter where or how you choose to celebrate your love!



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