"I am a story teller, and I want to tell your love story"

I want to go where adventure takes us, to the ocean or to the mountains. I’m ready to take this journey along side you, and witness every moment of your love for each other.

Aruba Engagement Session

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is having the opportunity to travel to the world and build connections with my clients. There are a few places on my bucket list that I have always wanted to experience, and Aruba was one of my top destinations. I finally had a chance to visit, and knew I couldn’t come home without a couple’s session on this dreamy beach. When Esmay and Sander reached out to me to have their couple’s portraits taken on the island, you can imagine how excited I was! This was the opportunity of a lifetime.

As soon as I arrived in Aruba, I was overtaken with awe. Aruba has such a warm and friendly vibe about it, and the locals were so kind and welcoming. One of my favorite parts of the island was no doubtably the authentic Caribbean cuisine. Every meal I tried made my mouth water and filled me with goodness and energy. The beaches are just as beautiful as I had imagined. The water was crystal clear and turquoise, and the sand was heavenly white and soft underneath our feet. No wonder all of the locals call Aruba “one happy island.” 

Once I arrived for Esmay and Sander’s session, I was greeted with warm smiles and cool breezes. We decided to start the adventure by taking a walk on the beach and getting to know each other better. I love that they felt vulnerable enough with me to allow their true love shine through. Sander and Esmay were full of smiles, laughs, and energy, and you can see their passion for each other in their faces.

Along our walk, we found a grove full of lush trees where the waves gently rolled up to shore. The spot was so serene and the light shined through so gracefully, we knew we needed to capture the moment. The sun began to set as Sander wrapped his arms around Esmay. Talk about a picture perfect moment! We continued to explore the grove and started learning more about Esmay and Sander’s life together.

The couple is from the Netherlands, and Sander is in the military. He is currently stationed in Aruba. I asked them about their favorite parts of island life and they told me it was the sunshine and beaches. Living in the cold of the Netherlands for so long gives you a new appreciation for the warm weather. I can definitely see that. I wouldn’t want to go back to the cold after living in Aruba, either!

In the distance, we could see wooden steps that lead down to a rocky cliff. We made our way down the pillowy beaches and watched the sunset slowly fall through the clouds. There was nothing more beautiful than capturing Esmay and Sander holding each other close while seeing the sky drip with gold. We sealed the session with a steamy embrace, and continued to watch the sun go down with such gratitude for this glorious place.

Esmay and Sander continue to enjoy the sunshine together in Aruba with their bully dog. I’m a beach bum at heart, so I would love any chance to be able to travel back and capture more moments of tender love. This is your sign to start planning your very own couple’s session with Athena Photo + Film and cherish these moments forever.

Falls Creek Falls Mountain Wedding

Oh, wedding season. My favorite time of year! Weddings are filled with all of the good things in life- love, family, dancing, and excitement for the future. It gives me such a rush to be able to be a part of such a wonderful celebration. I was so excited when Jessica and Patrick reached out to me to shoot their wedding. They are such a fun couple! Their engagement session was full of smiles, waterfalls, and dancing in the woods. I just knew their wedding day would be as special as them. 

I arrived at the perfect time to see everyone getting their hair finished. I love how Jessica and her bridal party set off for the day with gorgeous braids and curls, glam makeup, and the most adorable matching getting ready robes  We stepped outside to the balcony and serene lake, and decided to pop some champagne and get the bridal party pictures flowing. The groomsmen opted for some fun poses! After we started off with a big cheers to the groom and bride, the party lifted up the groom and celebrated his new adventure.

I absolutely adored the long, flowy dresses the bridal party wore! Each girl had a different color with cute sandals and a floral crown. Patrick’s groomsmen even had bold, patterned bow ties. It was the perfect rainbow in such a jaw dropping venue. Everyone looked amazing, and they were so excited to see their friends tie the knot.Jessica and Patrick’s ceremony had such dreamy touches. Walking in, your ears are greeted with the melodic sounds of the harp player. Rustic flower decorations adorned the sides of every aisle and a beautiful rug lined the aisle.  All of the wedding guests were smiling and eager for everything to get started.

As soon as Jessica started to walk down the aisle, Patrick’s face lit up with the biggest smile. As soon as he saw his soon to be bride, he couldn’t get the grin off of his face. Jessica looked absolutely stunning! 

The setting could not have been more perfect. There’s really no words to describe how beautiful the mountain look out was. We  listened as Jessica and Patrick exchanged their vows and bowed heads in prayer for this glorious union. 

After Patrick carried his new bride away, we headed back to the reception area. Jessica and Patrick started off with a classic garter dance, and then Jessica threw her bouquet to find the next lucky bride. Like many weddings, the party really got started after 8PM. The dance floor was packed while the guests mingled, danced, and had the time of their lives. 

Cake cuttings are such a fun wedding tradition, and you never know how far they will go with it. The newlywed’s went full on cake smash with each other and couldn’t stop laughing. You can just tell how much fun they have together. 

All good things must come to an end, so what would be better than a bubble exit? Guests lined the hallways, bubbles in hand, ready to send Jessica and Patrick off to their new life together as a married couple. What a beautiful wedding, Patrick and Jessica. I wish you both the best on your new journey together as husband and wife. 

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